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I am inspired by this.

By Taurian, Oct 12

Forum Rules

By Taurian, Jan 3

Introducing BugSplatTM - Our new crash reporter

By Taurian, Feb 19

Discord Reminder (Gitlogs)

By Taurian, Jan 9

Scheduled Maintenance - August 29th - 1AM to 4AM MST

By Taurian, Aug 26

About last month....

By Taurian, Jul 6

Scheduled Maintenance - June 27th - 1AM to 4AM MST

By Taurian, Jun 23

New Trailer! One Server, One Universe - Epic Space: Online

By Taurian, Jun 10

Hotfix 0.0471

By Taurian, May 21

Monthly Report - May 2017 - New Forums!

By Taurian, May 9

New! Epic Space Bug Tracker. Integrated with the in game sup

By Taurian, Feb 5

Happy Holidays - From Epic Space

By Taurian, Dec 25

The Roadmap to our release (Updated 12/9)

By Taurian, Dec 9

Newest Feature: Scanning and Loot 2.0 System

By Taurian, Dec 8

OFFICIAL TRAILER - Epic Space Online

By Taurian, Feb 14

Announcing ES Wargames

By Taurian, Dec 26

New Chat System and important changes to the Hud (7.0)

By Taurian, Feb 27

Interview: Ten Ton Hammer

By Taurian, Feb 27

Top Players sorted by % Ownership

By Taurian, Nov 24

Scheduled Downtime Wednesday, October 23rd

By Taurian, Oct 20