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Download Link, Discord, Reddit, and Other Important Links

By Taurian

Voice Comms - ATC - Docking Procedures - Best Practices

By Taurian

The Big Topic of Introductions (2018) - Get a $1k Credit Bonus

By Taurian

Getting the new steam version

By SirIlios


By bareera

The big topic of Introductions ($100 Credit Bonus) (Closed)

By Taurian

How to build a base?

By Sniper

Star Trek: Discovery Trailer

By Sniper

Capital Ships?

By Sniper

Old KS backer, have some questions.

By Blint

Old backer checking in

By Sniper

Epic Space still being worked on?

By Idiot

State of the Game

By Shadows

Getting the Steam Key

By lsmoura

Greetings from a sandbox games fan, question on Epic Space

By LordMerc

Merry Christmas Everyone!

By Joyoc

Factions and "switching"

By Shadows

Space station and Sector Controll

By Army6125

Epic Space: Insurgence Top 100

By Korikabu

Flak Tyrrets

By Hardwire