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Announcing ES Wargames


ES Wargames is a combat sandbox designed to give players an area to hone their skills and practice with Capital Ships. It keeps players ina zone only a few sectors in size.

We're really excited about this new system as it gives us the ability to showcase the combat aspect of ES Online in a safe and fun environment.

[b:1xy9qp6j][color=#000000:1xy9qp6j]Here are some of the key features:[/color:1xy9qp6j][/b:1xy9qp6j][list:1xy9qp6j][*:1xy9qp6j]Players can instantly spawn capital ships or any other type of vessel.[/*:m:1xy9qp6j][*:1xy9qp6j]Players can instantly spawn into faction owned capital ships. ( [url=]Click here to join a Faction[/url:1xy9qp6j] ).[/*:m:1xy9qp6j][*:1xy9qp6j]There will be 4 Primary roles, on a capital ship, however, extra crew members will have support roles.[/*:m:1xy9qp6j][*:1xy9qp6j]Spawning, repairing, rearming, capital ships will have a very low credit cost.[/*:m:1xy9qp6j][*:1xy9qp6j]There will be a faction leaderboard taking into account wins/losses and crew lost.[/*:m:1xy9qp6j][/list:u:1xy9qp6j]

[b:1xy9qp6j][color=#000000:1xy9qp6j]What can't I do in the Combat Sandbox[/color:1xy9qp6j][/b:1xy9qp6j][list:1xy9qp6j][*:1xy9qp6j]You cannot dock with stations (You can with carriers).[/*:m:1xy9qp6j][*:1xy9qp6j]You cannot jump outside of the war game area.[/*:m:1xy9qp6j][/list:u:1xy9qp6j]

[b:1xy9qp6j][color=#000000:1xy9qp6j]What are some of the Capital Ship Roles that will be available?[/color:1xy9qp6j][/b:1xy9qp6j][list:1xy9qp6j][*:1xy9qp6j]The roles that will be available are Helmsman, Tactical Officer, Weapons Officer,Engineer, and Crewman. Captain will become available in a later update.[/*:m:1xy9qp6j][/list:u:1xy9qp6j]

[b:1xy9qp6j][color=#000000:1xy9qp6j]How do I join ES Wargames?[/color:1xy9qp6j][/b:1xy9qp6j][list:1xy9qp6j][*:1xy9qp6j]On the launchpad select "ESO Wargames" before entering the primary universe.[/*:m:1xy9qp6j][/list:u:1xy9qp6j]

The ES Wargames system is scheduled to go live around the first week of January. 'Wargames' is a [b:1xy9qp6j]backer suggested[/b:1xy9qp6j] feature. Let us know what you'd like to see in this sandbox in the posts below.[/color][/color][/color][/url][/color]

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Pretty darn cool. Can't wait!

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Now that's what I like to see.

Any of you Dev's Familiar with Eve online? Specifically Eve's 'sisi' server? I'd like to see something like that.

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I've never been on their test server, but the new launcher has support for test servers.


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[quote="Taurian":3lksykpx]I've never been on their test server, but the new launcher has support for test servers.[/quote:3lksykpx]

Ok so here is the thing. Eve online has a few servers. the primary server being called tranquility, and another server called Singularity though Singularity is often referred to as 'sisi'

Tranquility is where the main game plays, while Sisi is purely a test server, it allows the community to test anything from combat tactics, to ships and also hunt for bugs. so often if a new feature is announced for released, the community has a chance to actually test it on Sisi and offer feedback/report bugs they find before its applied to tranquility.

In the theme of testing, the market in Sisi has unlimited items of everything and everything costs literally peanuts. wanna test out a carrier? well in tranquility it costs around 1 billion to buy the hull and kit it out with equipment. kind of expensive for just a test too. well on Sisi you can get that same ship and setup for a mere 1200 isk. everything costing only a 100 isk.
Now what stops people from ignoring Tranquility and staying on sisi? there is no point to being in sisi. depending on what CCP is doing (CCP being the developer of Eve) they wipe Sisi. Everything you've done: Deploy stations, claim sovereignty, try to dick around with the market, it will all be reset to a blank slate.

In Sisi you also have a place called 'Fight Club'. its a single system where you have several arena in space. the arena's are named with weight classes. in order going from light to heavy you'd have: frigate, destroyer, cruiser, battlecruiser, battleship and capital ship. if you were flying a battlecruiser (which is what I was always in durring a fight) you are free to enter battleship and capital ship but not the classes below.

maybe such a concept could be usable for ESO? I mean I'd love to try and test out a mining ship, but with 90k in my bank, 5 mill for one is kind of too rich for my blood.

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