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Calling scallywags,pirates and people who talk in theathers

Think your tough?
Think your ruff?
Wanting to be affiliated in a space gang??

Well then this is the place for you!
I, PickledNightmare is now taking members and names for my new space gang!

The good stuff: Protection, help when raiding, jobs and tuff guys to whatch your back!

See you there, if ye dare!

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Avast! I be with ye, together a mighty scourge we shall be. Flag me down, and we'll be to arms, aye?

Last Edited By Draconomial, None

I do wish I could get me darn game to work.... But when the chance shows itself ill find you, and we will plunder from ere to dere

Last Edited By Nikolas, None

Hi Nikolas, can you describe the problem you're having?

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