Feedback from: Snipe117

So I've been building ships, namely the Adellis. being industrius I figured out exactly how many materials I need total to make one.

Titanium ore 6800
aluminum ore 4800
lurium ore 2400
Alumina 200

So I got the resources off of quick sell/buy.
now I have to turn the titanium and aluminum into ingots and the lurium into power cells.
to not kill my index finger I used a left mouse click macro that I set on one of the macro keys my keyboard has (Logitech G910) so I hold the key to spam the craft button and wait until the yellow "lacking resources" pops up. for all 3 options.

I would like to propose some sort of Mass crafting option. be it holding a modifier key like shift, control or alt or a combination of the 3 to craft higher quantities in one go. Or even just control click on the icon to get a window how many I want to craft total.

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