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New Community Manager - Yep. It's happening.


Please take a moment to check in with Corey Dixson our official community manager. He is here to help take in Bug Reports, Spread News, and be a shoulder to cry on.

Corey hails from Montana, worked with us on the iOS Version of Epic Space, and has been with us mainly from the beginning as a contractor. Now, he's our latest Community Manager, and does waaaay more than just relay news.

- Add him on Discord: MtDigger#9591
- Friend him on Steam:
- Can't log into the game? Having a tech issue? Check with Corey and I on Discord.

And of course, grab me if you need anything else.


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Howdy Everybody

It's awesome to be a part of The Alpha Company again !

I'm here to help so reach out if you have a problem, or if you just want to say hi :)

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