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Newest Feature: Scanning and Loot 2.0 System

[b:h7lp2g9t][color=#000000:h7lp2g9t]How to scan an object:[/color:h7lp2g9t][/b:h7lp2g9t]

1. Get in close.
2. Start your scanner by clicking the SCAN icon on the HUD, and right click the button to switch through it's filters. Make sure the correct filter is selected. For example, if this is a station, select the "Station Filter". You'll know it's correct if you hear a radar 'bip' notification.
3. Set your scanner to focus on the object (Scanner Mode 3).

You should then see the word 'Scanning' appear above the object.

If your scanner finds something, it will become visible for you to pickup.

[list:h7lp2g9t][*:h7lp2g9t]It's generally worth it to scan objects, it's impossible to tell what pops up.[/*:m:h7lp2g9t]
[*:h7lp2g9t]If it's too large for you, come back with a Cargo Ship.[/*:m:h7lp2g9t][/list:u:h7lp2g9t]

[b:h7lp2g9t][color=#000000:h7lp2g9t]This feature will be available in 6.4[/color:h7lp2g9t][/b:h7lp2g9t][/color][/color]

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Note, this has changed in 7.1. Radar and Scanner have their own hud switches: ... -type.html

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