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Steady missionairy looking for quick jobs


Bold, powerful and cunning young fighter pilot looking to make quick credits in the open universe.
Willing to participate in the following jobs:

#Weapon Courier; transporting your weapons from A-B.
#Security; looking after your facilities, stations, sector.
#Ship Protection; Protecting certain ships
#Miner/materials; gaining you quick materials.

If you're interested in investing your time and money into me, then please hit me up a thread reply.
I'm willing to do all things stated above.

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Hello, I am interested in hiring you to help protect my station. I am in the process of making a complete station complex and I need people who are willing to stay and watch over it while I'm gone. You would be paid a fair price for the amount of time your shift covers. Here's a link to my enrollment form on the forums: ... f=23&t=984
PM me if you have any questions.

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