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Suggestion: Battle Station.

Wish list:

Battle station: This would be a station that was equipped with the ability to defend its self against an attack. I wouldn't be an assembly like other station but also wouldn't be found as random loot. You would need to build it onsite by combining other items. Basically it would go like this.

You would have a container that you take to a spot. in that container you would put the following:
1 of each assembly.
10 sensor arrays.
10 turrets, all the same MK (the fire power of the base would determine the fire power of the turrets that you put in.)
10 missile launchers, or torpedo tubes or both.

Once all the items was in the container you would deploy the unit and it would take 1 week to assemble (or however long you would like it to take.) The finished product would have twice the distance of the turrets that you used, and be able to stand up to a capital ship.

This is just a rough idea at the moment and can be fine tuned as it progresses.

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Fortress stations.

This has a lot of potential, and it could also include a docking bay so that players can actually control some of the turrets!

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