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[Suggestion]: New Faction System

The issues this suggestion is going to cover are station/sector control, rank within a Faction, and access to benefits within stations/ sectors owned by a faction.

First off from my experience (very limited) with ruining a new faction I have found that the limited access to stations and resources of the faction to other members is annoying. I have 2 underlings and until I gave them ships and station assembly they could not do anything much to help. This process is also a pain because i have to ether mail them the items, physically drop them off next to them or sell the items to them at a station at a low price (I had to do a $1 to save me the $100 it would cost to ship it to the station I was in). They also could not use the stations I had placed to access the airlock to build Items and thus I gave them the stations to do there own crafting in.

The other big problem I have seen is on the forums in a few spots.
Describe the problem: Missing Faction Leader. Can you please make an active member of Tir Illuman the leader or transfer my sectors back to me. I can do no more expansion until the faction is on track.[/quote:212ygnbt]
This feature is a must in this game.
People that join factions only to have the leader go missing is unfair on anyone that joins and makes all the hard work a waste of time.
The faction should be handed over to the next longest serving (and active) member if the leader does not go online for 2 weeks.
I too was in the same faction as Hardwire, and I left in the end, losing 8 sectors, so I had to start again with nothing.
This puts off people joining factions - I am certainly more cautions, but luckily have picked a really good new faction - asgard.[/quote:212ygnbt]
- Ownership and factions... I suggest a massive overhaul.[/quote:212ygnbt]
I believe stations should follow the user, not the faction. I don't know what else to really put here that I haven't said below, I don't personally know how to alleviate the problems that COULD arise with a function like this, however, I feel like the benefits far outweigh the negative effects.[/quote:212ygnbt]

To sum it up people want control of there sectors and stations. Now as a Faction leader I can see how this could add issues if you would just have sectors and stations fallow the players. that is why I propose a new system in the factions themselves which would Mix some of the suggestions made by others to answer these past posts. With the goal of finding a happy medium.

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Now due to the limited space I have to write in I am breaking this up into passably 3 parts total more likely 2 parts.

The Solution could be an actual Rank (I would call them positions) within your faction with permissions, benefits and responsibilities at each level.
the system I propose (due to the military already being used in the merit based rank) is: Provisional, Recruit, Member, Elite, Co-leader, and Leader. Now to solve the problems each rank has its pros and cons. I will go from the bottom to the top.
Provisional: This rank is, as it is stated, a provisional rank, your invite may have been accepted by a Co-leader(more on this later) but is waiting on the leader to decide your fate. Any sectors you own are yours and will remain as such until you get your rank. (more on this later)

Recruit: You are a part of the Faction but not trusted. Any sectors you had are forfeit to the faction and if you leave you do not revive any compensation. you can how ever access the faction ships, supplies, and airlocks of faction stations(more on this later). your only responsibility is to become a member at this point.

Member: You are a trusted person within the Faction. If put to this rank to start you can keep 5 old sectors/stations you owned before joining and have a max of 5 you can have when in the faction and would keep if you leave for another faction. If you just leave the faction and not join another you would lose 4 of these and become a non-faction person(more on this later). Your responsibility is to maintain and improve your 5 sectors and help with what you can in the Faction.

Elite: You are among the best of the best within the Faction. This is a promotion from Member or Recruit. You can have up to 10 sectors/stations you own and can keep only 5 (will have to mark in admin for your station for slection) if you transfer to another faction. You also can access harvesters, turrets and other objects in faction owned sectors. If you just leave the faction and not join another you would lose 9 of these and become a non-faction person(more on this later). Your responsibility is to not only maintain the 10 sectors you own but to help improve and maintain the faction sectors surrounding these areas. along with helping your Faction to the best of your ability.

Co-leader: You are one of the few most trusted in the Faction. There is a limit to how may Co-leaders there can be (my though is 4 with a +1 per 25-100 members) You have the same powers and responsibilities as a Leader with the subtraction of promoting and demoting fellow Co-leaders, fully accepting new members and changing the Faction leader. Due to your responsibilities, you also can not leave a faction with out another Co-leader or the faction leader approving the transfer to another group or drop form all factions.

Leader: You have full access to all functions in your sectors (max 10 owned same as an elite) and the Faction Sectors. Your Responsibility is to maintain and produce a functioning and prospering faction. You can leave the Faction at your will and promote a fellow member to take your place or during the next merit promotion a Co-leader will be selected. (if there is not a co-leader it will pick from any members and elite)

Faction Stations: are simply stations that belong to the Faction and not to any player. As such currently the airlock would not function for anyone but with a modification anyone that is part of the Faction that owns the station would have access to this along with all cargo and ships stored within this station. Allowing access to all members to craft, sell and share items and ships at these stations. These stations are created when an one that is part of the Faction builds a station out of there limit and/or gives the station in the admin panel to the Faction.

Non-Faction persons: this would be new players and others that just don't want to be bothered with joining a faction. You can place one station only and if you join a faction you may be in jeopardy of losing it to a faction if you join.

now in the next part I will go over some fail safes, small stuff and mis. stuff that would be nice to add but not nessesary

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The responsibilities are just a way for a faction leader or co-leader to justify promotions / demotions.

Faction Sectors do give there income to the faction leader (though there should be a sharing option or split option for the different ranks ex. 50% leader, 25% co-leaders, 20% elite, 5% members, 0% recruits with each % being adjustable)

Faction sectors are always part of the faction and can not be assigned to anyone including the leader they are the factions until taken by or transferred to other Factions.

A players first claimed sector is always theirs unless you are recruited as a recruit.

you will have the option to decline an acceptance into a faction at the rank(position) of recruit.

when a leader accepts a request to join they pick which rank(position) to put the new person at (member or recruit).

when a co-leader accepts a request it puts you into provisional and sends the Leader and e-mail to notify them.

If only one person is in a faction and decides to transfer to/ join another group that group would get the extra sectors as faction sectors (or they could become rebel or pirate sectors to add some spice to the game)

Thanks if you read through this all and I do want all the flack, criticism, constructive criticism and complements my fellow players, mods, and the developer can throw my way. I am planing on doing more posts like this on other things but First I am going to gauge how dead this game's community is through this posting. If it is dead, it is not worth my time to try to come up with solutions, ideas, and debug something that is not going to see the light of day.

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Added the Rank/Roles to the roadmap.

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I have to say this is one of the best "solutions" I have seen suggested for a Faction overhaul.

I would argue about the Sector "ownership" quotas. At this point I'm in a faction that has 2 players and over 375 secotrs (That would be Dawg Pound guys), 163 of those were claimed by me "AFTER" joining. Leaving all but 10 of the sectors I have claimed for the faction would not sit well with me.

Now since I'm on good terms with the Faction leader we worked out a good deal concerning the 82 stations I had claimed before joining, however if the stations followed the player when they left/joined a faction then we would not have had to "Make a deal". I'm sure that if I left my faction now the leader and I would work another good deal for which stations would be transferred to whatever faction I joined (most likely a new faction or the one I started before joining Dawg Pound), however again that would not be necessary if stations followed the player.

I really like the idea of Ranks/Roles within the faction and would love to see them. I do believe that there should be a way to "automatically" assign/reassign leadership roles. In the case of Tir Illumin faction there are 3 players and I believe only one of them is active. The one active player has no rights/abilities to even try to take leadership from the inactive leader. That leaves them claiming sectors for the faction, but getting no real reward. I myself was in the Tir Illumin faction and had to leave behind 7 stations.

Your suggestion about the "Monthly payout" for each Faction player is a good, but should be based on the number of stations each player has contributed to the faction.

I'm out of time, so more later.

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