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[Suggestion] PDA Submit Feedback Changes.

The Current Submit Feedback does not do anything but show the developers in a section only they can see the bug we would like fixed / found, the suggestions that we have for the game and or keep it up, showing the systems that we like, and that we agree with something.

What I am proposing is that when a user wants to make a suggestion, bug report, or give thanks in game, when they do this that it will automatically create a forum post from the in game PDF, this will allow other users to post their thoughts about a suggestion, or give thumbs up etc for thank you posts, and comment on bug post's or comment about how to bypass a bug for others while the devs fix it.

******************Part 1******************

Fix This ---- This option would post to the Bug Reports / Technical Support forum, the in game PDF can have a built in *Template* for the user to fill out that makes the forum post nice and tidy and not just spam looking for example.

[Bug Report] ( Type of Bug *User Input* ) < this would be the thread title.
( Description of bug )
( If Possible Explain How We Can Replicate This Bug i.e what you did to encounter it ) < this would be so the devs can do it as well to find a fix faster.
* Submit * > Thank You For Helping us Squash this Bug. ( Ending Message once the user submits )

[ Technical Issues ] would have to be posted on the forums as the vast majority of them stop the user from playing the game so they would not be able to use the in game PDF

******************Part 2******************
[Suggestion] ( User Input Suggestion Name ) < this would be the thread title.
(Type of Suggestion )
( Description of suggestion )
( Why do You think this is a good suggestion )
( Submit ) Thank you for posting your suggestion so we can make the game better for everyone. ( Ending Message once the user submits )

This would be posted into the Feedback & Suggestions section of the forums.

******************Part 3******************
*Keep it Up*
[Good Work] ( *User Input thread title* )
(Description on what the user is thanking the devs for)
(Submit) Thank you for your continued support in us we appreciate your feedback. ( Ending Message once the user submits )

I would say make a new forum section that is called something like Thank The Devs or Keep it Up etc that these posts may go into.

This is just my 2 cent suggestion on the way the PDF system can handle requests, I think it would make the forums used more, and have more suggestions and topics that people can talk about, and give their 2 cents.

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It's not a bad idea. Some players like to provide feedback anonymously. We could give users the option to auto post their comment here on the forums.

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