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The Big Topic of Introductions (2018) - Get a $1k Credit Bonus

Welcome to the community!

Step 1: Introduce yourself below. Pilots that do will receive $1000 bonus credits. More than enough to get you started in game.

My introduction!
My name is Ed, AKA "Taurian". I'm one of the devs here at The Alpha Company.
Epic Space: Online is a long term project, and I look forward to working with our pilots to make a game that will last a long time.

I can also be reached on Discord, if you don't already have the link:

We're always looking for feedback, but if you come across something along the lines of a game exploit, please get a hold of any developer privately.

Fly safe, and welcome aboard. o7

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Hey everyone, glad to see the game is still active. I'm a Kickstarter backer, looking forward to Capital Ships (Sry Taurian).

I'm based in California currently and my favorite color is blue.

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Hi Everyone! I'm Sara, but my friends call me Nutbot!

I can't wait to check out the new Odin as well, it's going to be EPIC...pun intended.

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hello name is john mccammon ingame name is johnmcc i live in springfield mo cannt wait to see the game

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Hi, my name's Jae aka "spamanator500" I'm also a kickstarter backer and I hope I see this game get more publicity :)

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Hi there, my name is Brian, aka "Veloxi." Kickstarter backer that got an email basically ORDERING ME to be here. ;)

I'd join y'all on the Discord, but I barely have time to hang out on my own. ;)

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Hello everyone! I'm VegaTheGamer, but just call me Vega since everyone already does. NYC based gamer thats pretty into space games. Very new to Epic Space but i'm already loving many of the aspects of 3D gameplay. Getting the hang of communication, the basics of mining ore and selling. Joined the discord as well, so say hi if you see me. I'm a chill/friendly guy.

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Hello, my name is Dmitrii, the callsign DimNik. Absent-minded living in Russia, in the city of Perm. I love the game about space.

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Hi, my ign is Skyite. I'm a Kickstarter backer. Just checking in!

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Hey there I'm Snipe, I'm a 30 year old dude from the Netherlands. I'm very fluent in English and generally like to play space games, especially if there is a mining/crafting aspect to be played with. hope to see you out there in ESO

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Army6125 here getting back to the game from 2013 just sort of hit the back burner never had a chance to give this 3D a shot and looking forward to seeing you all in game.

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Hey everyone,

I found this game back in it's former 2D incarnation and loved it. Eventually I stopped playing and forgot about ESO until a recent email mentioning the 3D version and here I am. I played quite a bit of Eve online and Elite Dangerous, but Eve lacked direct control, while Elite Dangerous lacked depth. ESO has the potential to take the best of each and really shine. Looking forward to making a home here and meeting you all in-game.

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Howdy eveybody,
My name is Corey, AKA "MtDigger"
I'm the newest, old addition to The Alpha Company and the Epic Space:Online project
I worked with Ed "Taurian" years ago and helped out on the IO:S version
It's great to be back in the mix and working with him again.
Happy flying

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