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The Empire


My name is Horton. I will be creating a space Empire which will focus heavily on Empire-based creation and PvP. As my introduction mentioned the main goal is to make friends, explore and conquer, build an empire, and ofcorse have fun. I am sure others can speak on my behalf as they join but for now i wanted to get this topic going so eager pilots looking for a place to dock and meet others. Have a question - ask away or send me a PM.


For the Empire

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I'll be glad to follow you again as i have for years in Wurm Online Horton. Lets built us an empire >=D

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Ill follow Horton too, just like i do in Wurm Online. Great leader and a very nice guy.

For the Empire!

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Mr. Fazuku will join up with The Empire.

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A new game and a new adventure! I'll follow your lead again Horton, looking forward to fun times ahead.

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Seems like the best one so far, I will join up.

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Good to see some familiar faces and I'm surely glad to make some new friends.

For now we will use this forum but as we grow we will make our own forum to help with security. Vent/teamspeak can be set up so that our members can communicate while we explore, mine, pvp, etc. I already have a 50-man vent server that we can use for now (currently was used for Wurm online). PM me for details so i can add you

For now lets get our bearings - we explore the core sectors (I consider the first 5 sectors in each direction as core sectors). I'll be arranging to get a station up and we can claim our initial sector. I'll start a record of resources, planets, stations that we come across so send me the location (and general location in the sector itself).

I have always lived by a motto of "Many hands make light work." So I want to thank those that lend their support.

For the Empire

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I'd love to join The Empire. I'm a very active player, if that helps.

Last Edited By NeoLaz, None

Might not be very active, but I'd like to see how it goes. Sign me up.

Last Edited By Lokthar, None

I'd like to join up, seems like a great opportunity to get to know the inside community a bit more, who plays the game and who's active!

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I would like to join the Empire, if it's cool. I'm really hoping to play more economically in ESG rather than a lot of combat. The one thing that really sold me on it was the idea of opening stations I could make in-game money on. Frankly, I just want to be a powerful businessman, and I feel like joining the Empire would be a good start! :D

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I am not joining you guys! XD

Death to the Empire!

Time to burn through the rest of this forum before I most likely make a pledge and jump in game.

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Glad to see eager pilots joining.

Welcome to the Empire

Oh and Doran I also welcome competition - space is very big and with nothing to shoot at my men get bored :)

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I'm in, United we Stand Strong.

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This still an active group if so Im in as well.

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Oh yeah we are still around :)

Last Edited By Horton, None

Have any openings for a active player?

Last Edited By FrostyMug, None

We are back in action

Last Edited By Horton, None

Gonna join too. Just need a acces to the game itself :P

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I never thought I'd find a game I could afk in to play WurmOnline. For the Empire! Again...

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