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The Federation [COMING SOON]


[quote:3mdudhqs]Throughout the Universe the Federation are famously known for their wisdom,stature and for the sophistication of their space ships.
These ships, are among the fastest and most maneuverable ships in the universe.
They are also armed with very sophisticated weapons and defensive shields and, with the exception of the Consortium, are the best spacecraft in the universe.
Despite being members of the piracy foundation, they merged as one to develop an opening group, using all the resources they pirated, making their organization a flourished federation. They currently hold no trade agreements with any other race, but are however open for trading and alliances with other parties.

Despite being called The Federation they're actually ruled by an elected government. They do however have a royal family who act as figureheads of the Kingdom State.
The current head of this Royal Family is the 24-year-old King S3thapl.[/quote:3mdudhqs]

[b:3mdudhqs][size=150:3mdudhqs][color=#40BFFF:3mdudhqs]Sign up today, just reply to the thread.
MUST BE ACTIVE[/color:3mdudhqs][/size:3mdudhqs][/b:3mdudhqs]

Website under development:


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Look forward to flying though your space waving my monkey flag!

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[quote="1NV3R7":2p1nej5b]Look forward to flying though your space waving my monkey flag![/quote:2p1nej5b]

That's if you don't convert to The Federation!

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[quote="s3thapl":3o9lkwjc][quote="1NV3R7":3o9lkwjc]Look forward to flying though your space waving my monkey flag![/quote:3o9lkwjc]

That's if you don't convert to The Federation![/quote:3o9lkwjc]

Poach my members and I'll throw rotten bananas at you!

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Website update.
Working on database for logins, online roster linked to login and forums.

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Website and thread updated.

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The blending you did between the original image and your enhancements to it are pretty awesome.

Website is coming together nicely as well...

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Ooh, cheers buddy.
Got ships ready and stations including the ultimate The Karatsu and Odin.
Join us and show your ultimate power, The Federation is built into multiple sections, firegroups.

The Federation isn't just a fleet, we are a community of fleets, you have your own station but still be part of the Federation.
Money is vast, knowledge is eagerly waiting to be spread and the website is coming along great, especially the forums and login panel that I'm making.

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looks like fun i would like to apply, i just donated to the kickstarter for 50$ so i will be joining the game soon.

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did post for a place at the The Empire but no 1 got bak to me so im not a above showing my wheres else where
im 26
do have a job (cant be on all the time)
live in the UK
backer of $50
my mmo history is massive iv played many mmos with the closet thing to this being star sonata
also played WOW, puzzle pirates, TERA, Aion,War Thunder, Navy Field and many many more
ill spare u the personal bio and let you get to know me ur self. I dont think u can alway trust bios

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I'm hip to joining, once I get in.

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At first I was thinking Star Trek entered, then I noticed I was wrong lol.

Seems interesting, I'll be a freelancer pilot until someone takes an interest in me though.

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