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The Roadmap to our release (Updated 12/9)

We're releasing once the following major features have been added. You can view the old roadmap, and seasonal changes here (Display Purposes ONLY): ... nt-roadmap

- In game Galaxy/Strategic map
- Drones (NPC items that take orders from their owners )
- Customizable Ships
- Nameable Ships.
- Visible Ship Damage
- Customizable Stations
- Avatar Support
- [s:3665mcwy]Ship / Station Wreckage[/s:3665mcwy]
- AI Enemies
- Structures (Such as a warehouse, Power Station)
- Research Station / Structure Upgrades
- Long Range Scanner (Structure)
- Long Range Weapons (Structures)
- Ship Broadcasts
- Financier (Role)
- Planet Harvesting
- Reputation
- Ship / Item Towing
- Persistent Ships
- [s:3665mcwy]Illegal Goods[/s:3665mcwy]
- Mechanic (Role)
- [s:3665mcwy]War Game Servers[/s:3665mcwy]
- Server Admin Controls

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I like the overall plan, and each item has the potential of adding some significant depth.

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I personally believe AI enemies should be a top priority, there needs to be something for new players to do that is universal across all games. Something they can relate to. I believe AI Enemies fit those parameters.

Second, I believe the global chat needs to come back. Socialization is also key.

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What is the release date? I can't find one anywhere?

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Q2 2015

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