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Wingman Needed Thread

It's too dangerous to fly alone. Post below to find someone to watch your six.

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I am looking for a solid faction. Looking for a mature group who uses TS3/Vent/Mumble/ect. and has a game plan.

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The Immortals are recruiting. Were an older bunch of players. Currently seeking active players , we have team speak and a plan. So if your interested feel free to contact me in game or apply at
We currently have 5 Odin pilots and are geared towards pvp.
If you are a new member know that this is beta, and quite honestly we are one of the only active factions.Some factions recruit but they have zero leadership. So if you don't wanna care bear in an industrial faction and just scan scan scan then contact me.

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Asgard is recruiting. We are a peaceful faction, seeking wealth and the top of the faction ranking. Aiming at becoming a major industrial player in the game once there actually is any worthwhile industry ;)

-RL always comes first
-No unprovoked acts of aggression against other factions. We only wage war as a last resort.
-We expect all our members to be friendly and mature.

What we can offer:
-We help all our members as good as we can to become a productive faction member
-About 4 Million $ sector ownership earnings per month
-We are one of the top factions in ES (at the time of this post #1)
-2 Odin pilots
-soon (tm) wargames server
-No TS. This is a laid-back game after all ;)

Recruitment process:
We like to have a chat with potential members before having them join. If you are interested in joining, write a message to Dragonfyre. Applications from unknowns will be ignored.

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